Fencing Training and Research Institute Private Limited (FTRI) is promoted by professionals comprising of fencing coaches, public policy and financial sector experts, former players and sports enthusiasts.
FTRI runs two training centres – one at the DDA Squash and Badminton Stadium (SBS), Siri Fort in Delhi and the second one at the DLF Club 5 in Gurugram.

In a short period, our players have won gold medals at the Delhi State Fencing Championship in every year since 2016. Our players have participated and won medals in National Fencing Championships in since 2016, organised by the Fencing Association of India, the national federation for fencing.

FTRI has three key objectives:

  1. Promote fencing as a safe sport for fitness and recreation among the masses.
  2. Train players for national and international medals.
  3. Research and development to promote scientific and evidence based approach towards excellence in fencing.


Based on a world class training system, we believe that the values and ethics instilled through fencing will lead students to not only excel in the sport but also in life good will to all.

It inculcates team spirit, a sense of camaraderie and discipline, qualities that determine winners in life, not just sports. The spirit of healthy competition, justice and fair play helps students achieve balance and harmony in life. Strong fencers spread the message of hope, honour and good will to all.

Fencing develops and encourages the spirit of healthy rivalry and competition, teaching emotional control, courage and self-discipline.

For many fencers, the ultimate goal is to become a champion, Olympic or otherwise, and together with the coaches, the child’s determination and the parents’ help, we will do our best to achieve these goals.

Most importantly, though, our fencers will learn to overcome and win not only against an opponent, but also themselves, their weaknesses and fears, and ultimately realise their potential!

What We Do

FTRI runs world-class fencing programs – whether you want to learn fencing for fun or to compete. All FTRI coaches are well experienced have played, at least, at the national level and have significant individual performances which enriches their training. Their qualifications range from certified in fencing coaching from the National Institute of Sports or in Sports teaching from different universities.

Our academies have competition grade infrastructure and equipment, perhaps the best in India across any private club or academy.

FTRI uses innovative games techniques to develop fitness and fencing skills. Its focus at its centres is to promote both non-competitive and competitive level fencing.

FTRI will be scouting talent where fencers with potential to win medals at the International level will be  sponsored and trained by FTRI coaches or at international academies with tie-ups with FTRI.

FTRI provides fencing equipment and uniforms from leading fencing brands at competitive rates. Contact our office for more information.

The Team