Yes, fencing is a very safe sport. The weapons we fence with are not sharp but instead have a small button at the tip to register touches. Furthermore, fencers are required to wear multiple layers of protection and if all that equipment does not provide the wanted safety there is always a class instructor close by to make sure all drills are executed in a safe manner.

There are advantages to being physically fit when starting out, but it is certainly not necessary. In fact, many people join our club to become fit via fencing since it is an interesting and challenging sport. We accept students 6 years and older.

Not at all! FTRI has members from different skill and experience levels, from absolute beginners to recreational fencers to competitive fencers.

No, we provide what you need to get started. For hygiene purposes, you will only require your own knee-high white socks, glove and chest protector for females. After you have completed the Beginners Class (typically 2 months or 4 months if you attend only on weekends), you will be required to play with your own gear if you are continuing on to the next level. You may procure your gear through FTRI which has the best equipment at competitive rates.

Yes! Fencing is a sport, so proper clothing and gear is very important. We care about our students, their health, and reducing the possibility of injury. The following requirements are in the best interest of all students:

Please wear:

  • Properly fitting warm-up pants, not loose baggy pants as they obscure body positioning. If they are too long, you will be asked to tuck them into your socks.
  • Slim fitting sneakers with laces, and a flatter sole. Heavy sneakers or non-trainers lead to loss of balance, possible injury, and improper footwork. We recommend you choose fencing specific shoes or badminton shoes for fencing specific training and regular cross training shoes for other exercises.
  • Lightweight tshirt or moisture wicking tshirt as the fencing jackets do not really “breathe” so a lightweight short-sleeved tshirt is a wise choice.
  • Ladies- a sports bra as fencing is an energetic activity.
  • Gentlemen- a protective cup.

Please do not wear:

  • Shorts, even though the legs are not a target area in foil, attacks landing off-target are prevalent. You will not participate in blade work if shorts are worn!
  • Jeans, they don’t allow for proper leg range of motion, especially when lunging. Baggy track pant styles provide opportunity for off target hits to become entangled and cause unnecessary injury.
  • Any kind of footwear that is not a proper sneaker, i.e.: sandals, flip-flops, slip-on’s, street shoes, work boots, etc… Anyone wearing such footwear will not be permitted to participate in class at that time.

Generally no, it is a safe sport due to all of the protective gear, and by following the preceding requirements. Like other sports, there are inherent risks such as bruises, muscle strains, and aches and pains. Flesh wounds, and worse, can occur, but they are extremely rare.

We strongly encourage visits to any of our academies to meet the coaches, watch classes in progress, and to ask questions. Just stop in during the regularly scheduled class times. If you want to schedule a trial class, let us know that you will be visiting by giving us a call or dropping us an email.

There is no pay and play facility available currently. You need to join atleast for a month. You can opt for as less as 2 classes a week. Give us a call if you are a fencer and would like to play or to brush up your training or just fence!