Engaging  workout
Fencing is a physical activity that builds trength,  balance,  agility and coordination. Whether  your child’s  already  an athlete or has yet to discover the joy of sport, they’ll be eager for their next workout.

 Mental  challenge
Fencing is a constantly changing puzzle.  Each opponent has different ideas, different  strengths.     Your  child will learn to feel them out, adapt, and improvise new solutions.

Personal  growth
Your   child will learn to be confident and focused, and to feel more comfortable and in control in competitive situations.

Individual fit
Wins are not based solely on size, strength, and speed but also intelligence, creativity and determination.   Fencing’s   three  weapon  disciplines each appeal to different personalities, so your child can find the one they love best.

 Make friends
Interactive,  social classes are a great way for your child to meet new people.

Competition  opportunities
There are meets for all ages, genders,  and experience  levels.   Your child will achieve success at one level while learning to rise to the challenge of harder meets.   They may even become national competitors!

Low  cost
FTRI supplies all beginners’ equipment, so you can try fencing with minimal start-up costs.

Nothing beats the joy of tricking your opponent and then hitting them!